How to Maintain Human Hair Afro Wigs


Human hair wigs help to enhance your looks and achieve different hairstyles. They also protect the hair from damage; thus, it becomes healthy over time. The wig selection is pretty vast and among them is the afro wig. Human hair afro wigs are high-quality, easy to clean, and durable. They can be kinky or curly, and their natural appearance makes you think it is actual hair. You can shop for such on Alibaba at affordable prices; there are also enough options, making it easy to choose. We look at ways of maintaining human hair afro wigs.

How to care for your human hair afro wigs

Are you using human hair afro wigs for the first time? The best thing you can learn, in addition to styling and storage, is how to maintain your human wigs. Wig maintenance should be a priority for longevity reasons. They are a little pricier than synthetic, so ordering a new one often might interfere with your budget. Here is a caring guide for you to follow.

Washing process

Start by applying moisturizer to the hair to make it soft. Use a wide-toothed brush or your fingers to detangle the wig and avoid any breakages. Apply a co-wash product or conditioner, allowing the oils to sip. Deep condition the afro wig thoroughly using oil. Oil helps seal moisture and adds shine, making the wig manageable and good-looking. Leave the hair to air before styling or applying heat. Note that you don’t use any oil that you come across. We recommend you take enough time to source quality oils that don’t alter the hair; if you get natural oils, the better.


Styling is necessary for any hair. It enhances the look of the hair, which in turn compliments your face and outfit. Spray the hair with a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water, and don’t make it too wet as it will be uncomfortable to wear. Comb the hair and leave it as it is; try twist-outs or use a curling iron to make curls. Use tutorials to do it yourself or visit a salon for professional styling. After practicing for a few days, you should be able to style the wig easily.


How you store your human hair afro wig can make or break it. A well-stored wig is manageable and appears new even after several years. Keep the hair away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Alternatively, store it in a plastic bag in a drawer to keep off dust and heat. Using mannequins to store wigs are also good,especially after styling the wig but ensure it is away from the sun, dirt, or dust.

To sum up

Human hair afro wigs don’t require much if you practice regular maintenance. The caring process should occur at least once a week to keep the hair fresh. The deep conditioning oils keep the hair moisturized and shiny to serve you longer. You can achieve multiple styles with some afro wigs while others are limited. Choose your human hair afro wig correctly and maintain it as required.

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