Can I Play AR Games on AR Glasses?


AR glasses are like magic glasses made especially for special video games called AR games. When you wear these glasses, it’s like wearing magic lenses because they show pictures, creatures, and fun things that aren’t really there, but they mix in with the real world. It’s like having a dream while you’re awake, where your imagination and the real world play together. So, if you want to see cool stuff appear in your room or garden while you play, these glasses are just the thing for you! You can read more about AR glasses here.

This means you can play games where dragons fly around your living room, or you’re solving puzzles that seem to float in mid-air right in front of you. As technology continues to evolve, the quality, graphics, and responsiveness of these games on AR glasses keep getting better. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of being inside a game or wanted a more interactive gaming experience without being confined to a screen, AR glasses are the way to go!

What are AR Games?

Augmented Reality games are a fantastic fusion of the real world and digital elements. Instead of immersing players completely in a virtual environment like VR (Virtual Reality) games, AR games take what’s around you and add digital components to it, making your surroundings part of the game.

Imagine looking through your phone or AR glasses and seeing a cute little monster sitting on your couch or treasures hidden around your local park!

For instance, while playing an AR game, you might find yourself searching for virtual objects in your backyard or battling digital creatures in your local grocery store. AR games have opened up a whole new world of possibilities, making everyday places exciting playgrounds for gamers everywhere.

What Do I Need To Play AR Games?

A Compatible Device

At the heart of AR gaming is the device you use. Most commonly, this is a smartphone or tablet with a camera, as many AR games are designed for these devices. They utilize the camera to capture the real-world surroundings and overlay the digital elements onto them.

AR Glasses or Headsets

While not strictly necessary, AR glasses or headsets, like the Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap One, can elevate your AR gaming experience. Instead of looking through a screen, these wearables let you see augmented elements directly in your field of vision. It’s like the game is happening all around you in real-time!

Stable Internet Connection

Many AR games require an internet connection, especially those that use real-world data or locations. Games like “Pok√©mon Go” might need to access maps, player locations, or download real-time updates. So, having a reliable internet connection, preferably high-speed, is crucial.

Ample Physical Space

Remember, AR games blend the digital with the real. You might be walking, turning, or even jumping. A spacious environment, be it your living room, backyard, or a park, ensures you can move freely without bumping into things.

Apps and Software

Lastly, you’ll need to download the AR game app or software. These are often available on standard app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.


With all these things ready, you can jump right into the super fun world of AR gaming! Imagine turning your regular places, like your room or park, into amazing game spots full of exciting stories and adventures. How cool is that?

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