Installing Ethernet Cable Wiring- Do’s & Don’t


Ethernet is a wired internet connection under the standard of IEEE 802.3, which is used to establish various Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs). Visit for a great shopping experience.

Most formal offices, schools, universities, and industries use Ethernet cable installations for Internet connection.

Like WiFi and EVO devices, it has its Pros and Cons, which you should be familiar with before installing Ethernet cable installations.

 Do’s of Installing Ethernet Cable Wiring:

· Faster Speed

We can enjoy faster speed internet by using Ethernet cable than the WiFi. Ethernet cables can provide internet speed from 10Gbps to 100Gbps.Cat5 (1Gbps) and Cat6(10Gbps) are commonly used Ethernet cables.

· Secure Connection

Ethernet provides a more secure, stable, and reliable internet connection than WiFi. Chances for prone attacks and data hack are very low.

· Signal Interference

Signal interference is very low in the case of Ethernet cables. Radio Frequencies and other pulses do not impact the internet signals, thus minimizing signal distortion.

· Data Encryption

There is no need for data encryption while using Ethernet cables for internet connection, but it is necessary in the case of WiFi.

· Consistency

Ethernet cables provide more consistent and steady internet speed than WiFi. Speed fluctuations are very low.

· Energy Efficient

Modern Ethernet cables are more energy-efficient, and their mount up power is less than the simple WiFi network connection. This makes Ethernet cables more economical.

· Bandwidth

In the case of Ethernet cables, bandwidth is fully available to the connected device and is not shared among various additional users.

· Latency

Latency is very low in the case of Ethernet internet connections.

· Cost

The network cost for Ethernet connections is usually low than the WiFi.

Don’ts of installing Ethernet cable wiring

· Physical Damage/Fracture

In contrast to WiFi, the Ethernet cables have a physical appearance. The Ethernet cables come in protective jackets which protect the inner wires or tubes from external damage. Even though these jackets can get, the punctured and internal path may fracture.

· Mobility & Flexibility

Ethernet cables are wired connections, making the user more physically restricted to the connected device. While in the case of WiFi, they can move around freely using the internet on any unwired device like mobile, tab, Laptop, etc.

· Extendible

Ethernet cable wiring is not easy to expand and is less protractible. Its expansion costs you by purchasing new routers and cables, and the whole wiring structure needs to be updated.

· Installation

Ethernet wiring installation is more difficult than the installation of WiFi. There is a need for professional workers to install Ethernet cable wiring, especially in a complicated building. This installation cost impacts the whole budget.

· Device Limitation

While using the internet with an Ethernet wiring connection, limited devices are available with internet availability, and we cannot access the internet on any device we want.

· Trouble Shooting

If a problem occurs in the Ethernet cable wiring, troubleshooting that problem is very difficult and requires professional skills.

· Initial Cost

The additional cost of wires increases the overall initial cost and thus makes the system expensive.


Before installing Ethernet cable wiring, one should know its Pros and Cons. This article provides u the basic information to judge ether to install Ethernet or go on other options depending on your need and requirement.

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