How to Diagnose a Bad Brake Caliper?


The braking system of any vehicle depends upon lots of moving parts and all these parts contribute to safe braking. Moreover, if a single part of the braking system goes bad then the whole system will be affected. But if we talk about the part that plays a great role but its damage remains hidden is the brake caliper.

But still, it shows some signs that can tell us that they need to be replaced. But the thing that matters is the procedure to know whether the brake calipers are bad or not and how to diagnose a bad brake caliper. The given article will prove to be beneficial for you in this regard.

Ways to Diagnose Bad Brake Caliper

Although brake calipers are designed to last a long time, sometimes they also go bad due to some serious problem and as a result, the only option left behind is their replacement. If you are thinking that your brake caliper has a problem but are not sure then you can follow the given steps to diagnose a bad brake caliper.

● Through Proper Inspection

If you do a regular inspection of your vehicle then there is very less chance that you face any kind of serious issue. Similarly, by doing a proper inspection you will find out about your bad brake caliper at the very initial stage. Many repair shops also offer people to do their vehicle’s inspection after a particular interval and will surely know about bad brake calipers in a very less time.

● Through Routine Maintenance

As there is a frictional material contained by brake pads that has a great chance to wear away in a very small time. Moreover, the time taken by your pad to wear out can be different and depends upon the vehicle. But if you do routine maintenance then you will be able to find that your brake caliper is not in good condition and need replacement.

● Strange Noise

When you buy a new car then you will notice that it gives no sound but from time to time it will start giving sounds. Similarly, you will hear unusual and strange sounds if your brake caliper is not in good condition. This sound will be the same as rubbing something whenever your brake padel is left off.

● Strange Smell

Not only sound but a bad brake caliper can also give off a very bad smell. This is because any leakage of the fluid or chemical leakage can cause a bad smell to spread. This smell will probably be because of a bad brake caliper.

Final Thoughts

Having a bad brake caliper is a common thing but what if you were unable to figure it out and met an accident because of it. Any issue in a part of a vehicle gives us a sign at the initial stage, we just have to figure it out. Hence, if you think that your braking system is having issues because of the brake caliper then the above article will help you to diagnose a bad brake caliper.

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