Helpful Tips For Wearing Short Bob Wigs


Wigs have quickly become the most popular product in the hair market. Women wear wigs for various reasons. Some wear them to protect their natural hair, and others hide their damaged or thinning hair. Many women also wear wigs to enhance their beauty and appearance. Wigs also allow women to experiment with various hairstyles without exposing their hair to harmful treatments or cutting it. For instance, if you have wondered how short hair would look on you and do not want to risk cutting your hair, short bob wigs are the way to go. This post discusses wearing short bob wigs and how you can make them look good.

Tips for wearing short bob wigs

There is more to wearing short bob wigs than placing the wig on your head and fastening it. The following tips will come in handy;

1. Consider the wig type

Wearing short bob wigs significantly depends on the wig type. Therefore, the first thing you must do is determine what type of wig you are working with. If you have a lace front wig, the ideal application method would be using glue or tape.

2. Prepare the wig before wearing it

Once you have determined the best application technique, you can prepare it for wearing based on the type of wig. You can do this by plucking the edges, gathering the application products, like the right adhesive and tape, and oiling the hair. Combing is also a significant preparation phase. The aim of preparing the wig is to help it look better and last longer.

3. Wearing, styling, and combing

The next step is wearing the wig. Depending on the type of wig, this should be the easiest part. After wearing short bob wigs, the next phase is styling and combing. A lace front short bob wig is the best to style because it allows you to apply various styles. Finally, you can comb it.

4. Consider accessorizing your wig

You can always accessorize your short bob wig using ribbons, hair clips, or pins. However, you do not want to go overboard with accessories. The trick is to keep it simple and consider your overall outfit when picking the accessories.

Choosing short bob wigs

Now that you know how to wear the wigs, below is a guide for picking the right short bob wig;

  • It would help if you always considered your skin tone when picking your short bob wig. The wig should complement your natural complexion. This is the only way to make it look good.
  • The type of wig is also worth considering. Various short bob wigs are categorized by hair type, color, and lace material.
  • It would help if you also considered the versatility of the wig. It is often wise to pick a wig that you can wear in various styles, including curls, side, or middle parts.


Short bob wigs are incredible for all women. They are elegant and stylish. They always look voluminous, even when straightened. Depending on your facial features and preference, you can wear them straight or curly or combine them with bangs.

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